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5 Essential Twitter Chrome Extensions for Marketers

If you're a marketer, Twitter is one of the key tools in your arsenal for engaging with your audience. Maintaining a pristine, vibrant feed, and dealing with all the administrative tasks can be a bit of a drag. Thankfully there are a few browser extensions you can use to make the whole thing slightly less laborious and focus on what matters: interacting with your network!

Here are five of the best ones that we use daily.

1) Silver Bird

The Big Bird of Twitter extensions, Silver Bird holds a raft of features for better Twitter management. For a start, you can see your feed, profile, DMs, and custom filtered lists all from a button on your toolbar.

The fun doesn't stop with this genuine quality of life addition though, with Silver Bird boasting a wealth of other features. Small buttons on each tweet allow you to easily reply, retweet or like the tweet from within the extension. You can also create tweets, including shortening URLs, in-extension, and the app automatically caches to avoid hitting Twitter's API rate limit. All of the lists and notification settings can be customised to best fit your Twitter usage, making Silver Bird an absolute no-brainer.

2) Chromnitweet

To further streamline the ease-of-use Silver Bird started to provide, in steps Chromnitweet. This extension turns your very own address bar into a Twitter post box. Simply type into the address bar (Ctrl + L for a quickfire shortcut) "tw" followed by your tweet. This extension also automatically shortens links so you don't have to worry about it. The only restriction is that it's text-only, but it certainly lets you tweet in a hurry if necessary.

3) Riffle

So you've got your tweading and twiting methods down. But how to decide what exactly to write? Well, one way is to know your audience. Enter Riffle. Riffle acts as an in-browser analytics engine. You can see all the stats and analytics you could need about your own page to fine tune your Twitter game:


The analytic enlightenment doesn't stop there, though, as you can turn your attention to other users, whether your audience, the accounts you follow, or even your competitors. Stats include their influence, the platforms they use to publish and more. On top of that, Riffle integrates with 16 Twitter platforms including Hootsuite and TweetDeck, ensuring it will slot seamlessly into your posting procedure.

4) Buffer

Armed with all this knowledge and ready to tweet, what do you do if you come across something that you think would be absolutely perfect to post, or just a random flash of inspiration crosses your mind? Well, you could quickly post it with Chromnitweet or Silver Bird, but if you want to schedule it for later, you could use Buffer. Buffer allows you to queue your posts and space them out to a custom schedule. The extension will then give you analytics on the post, so you can track results and see what time of the day may be best to post.

You can post content you create yourself, or easily share web content you stumble across. Buffer makes it easy to do either.

5) Twitter Follower

Now you have all this perfectly scheduled and targeted posts, you just need some more followers. The best way to gain more followers is, of course, to follow some users yourself. The Twitter Follower extension makes this process much easier, automating bulk follows.

It can also perform bulk unfollows, if you should somehow find yourself following a bunch of people you don't want to.

Finally, here are some honourable mentions for the ones who nearly made it:

Now, get out there and extend both your browser and your Twitter following. Your audience isn't going to engage itself!

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