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Twitter Launches New Ad Campaign

Everyone has heard of Twitter, but apparently a lot of users don't actually know what it is. It turns out that everyone just assumes it's another social media service like Facebook to contact friends and family or they may think it's a hate-filled cesspit. There is a grain of truth in both of these assumptions but it's not all Twitter is about.

Twitter is essentially a social media service where you share your thoughts and feelings on things going on in your life. You might tweet about a package you've received or you might tweet your feelings on something that's happening in the news. Each tweet is a soundbite of your life and it needs to be interesting. You can still make friends and have conversations, you can share video and you can even use GIFs to help get your feelings across. But you're doing all this in a small number of characters and that means a tweet cannot be a long ramble like other social media posts can. Twitter is a service to share your best words and one that helps you keep up with what is going on, and they want potential users to know that.

The new ads highlight the news side of Twitter, which is helped by the fact Twitter is classed as a news app now. The last time we wrote about this the classification had only changed on iPhones, but sometime since then it's been reclassified on Android phones as well. Twitter is essentially becoming a place that users may not need to visit every day, but when they do there's always something to do. Soon that something to do will include regular streams but for now, Twitter just wants people to know that they're the place to be to discuss the news as well as popular things that trend but that they don't have to tweet every day. Just when they want to share what's happening.

You can view one of the ads below.

These ads probably are a good idea when you see how much Twitter is changing even as it stays the same. For a while now people have known that the Twitter trends can be a good way to keep up with the news but apparently those people are fewer than we realised. Twitter needs more active users and one way to get them may, in fact. be pointing out that hey, this is what we actually do. We're not just another Facebook.

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