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Snapchat Remove Yellow Face Filter

Every now and then Snapchat has to remove a filter because it's deemed to be racist. You wouldn't think that would be a problem in this day and age. Usually, when they do, they have an excuse ready but generally, they don't make it okay.

The last filter removed for racism was a Bob Marley filter offered on the 20th April which wasn't just removed because it changed your skin colour. In that case, Snapchat actually got permission to use his likeness but they didn't realise that they were using it to celebrate a holiday for cannabis smokers. Bob Marley was about more than that.

The most recent Snapchat mistake is being accused of yellowface rather than blackface. The new filter was cartoonish in appearance and it exaggerated users features so it looked like they had extremely round cheeks, hooded eyelids and lines for eyes. Thus is commonly a racist caricature of how east Asian people look. It's completely disgusting and yet Snapchat thought they could get away with it?

So what's their excuse this time, you might ask? Snapchat is claiming that it's an anime inspired filter. I'm someone who watches a lot of anime and reads a lot of manga and though there are many art styles, I've never really seen anything like this. Snapchat already has a rainbow eyes filter that looks stereotypically anime style so why didn't they just build on that? Some people are saying that users shouldn't be offended as it is supposed to be a cartoon, but even cartoons can be racist. If this is supposed to be anime then it's using yellowface in the worst way as it's saying look, these Japanese cartoons are making fun of real Asian people.

Making an anime style filter would be one thing, as long as it was actually just emulating a style from a Japanese cartoon but yellowface is another. Snapchat really needs to stop and think before they release filters. They need to make sure they don't whitewash, they don't poke fun at any culture or group of people and they just can't be offensive in general.

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