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Pinterest Now Featuring Video Ads

As inevitable as the turning of the tide, the waxing of the moon or the continuing ageless immortality of Paul Rudd, all social media platforms will eventually throw video ads into the mix. Frankly it surprises me that it's taken Pinterest this long to add them, but no matter, they're here now, rejoice, oh yee wedding planners and bird photography enthusiasts.

The key difference between Pinterest and other platforms (apart from, y'know, the entire structure of the site), is the fact that it's almost directly geared towards online shopping, and always was. This will supposedly make the video ads more effective than they are on YouTube or Facebook.

The ads themselves appear on the main page, playing muted previews in a similar fashion to Instagram, but far more effective given that more than half of all Pinterest users see the same landing page when they log in. The videos will, supposedly, integrate seamlessly with the pin system, with advertisers being able to share pins directly related to the videos they post. In this way, users will be able to buy things they see in the videos more or less instantaneously.

Obviously, the videos you see are also mapped to your interest areas, which means that it might take a bit longer for you to notice the change coming into effect if your pins are a bit more... Outlandish, let's say. Each ad can link to up to 6 pins when clicked, like say if it's footage of a living room, you might be able to click on 6 different items of furniture. 12 brands were on the testing team for the videos, but Pinterest have only named 8: bareMinerals, Garnier, Lionsgate, Purina, Universal Pictures, General Mills' Old El Paso, Kate Spade New York and Behr Paint.

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