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Lisn Allows Users to Stream Music Together Whilst Chatting

I can't be the only person who has at some point visualised being able to turn on a song online and force friends to listen to it whilst we chat online. There's something immensely amusing about that idea and now thanks to Lisn it's actually possible to listen to music with your friends online though the app does have it's limitations.

First things first this app is currently only available for iOS and has only been live for around two months. Due to this, it might not be perfect but the co-founders all want this app to be about the experience. They currently have no plans for monetization so you won't have to worry about ads or paying some sort of subscription fee. The selection of music at the moment is quite small but it does allow you some options. You can share songs either through SoundCloud or Spotify. The only problem with the Spotify streaming is that if you don't have a premium account with them then you can only share 30-second previews of songs. That's kind of disappointing considering other services that allow you to share Spotify music let you share the entirety of a song, however, this limitation could be down to Lisn not really making any money. If you enjoy a song you're shared on Lisn then you can add it to your SoundCloud or Spotify libraries.

The beauty of this sharing is that the song is synced so you listen to it together. When your friend tunes into the song then if you've already started listening to it then they can listen in. This is like sharing an earphone with a friend without having to worry about wires getting tangled up and finding the right ear. As well as this you can forward a song through another app to encourage a friend to come listen. If you want to listen to a song a friend shared through the app when they're offline you can also do that and listen solo. The friend will receive a notification that you're listening to it so they can join in if they want but it's not necessary for you to listen to the track.

Now if you're going to listen to music with a friend then you're going to want to talk about it. The app does offer a simple messaging platform along with the music. This means you could sit there sharing music for a few hours whilst chatting about whatever you like, not just the song you're listening to.

This app was a pretty genius idea and it was #2 on Product Hunt. Lisn is trying to bring their app to Android as well as introducing things like group chat, queued music, searchable playlists and so on. They'd also like to introduce more music services for users to share from including Apple Music. We'll just have to see whether they manage it. The idea of social listening has been tried before but it failed. Hopefully, Lisn will succeed where others failed.

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