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Facebook's Redesigned Business Pages are Rolled Out

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When you visit a business's page on Facebook for desktop, you want to be able to easily access it and find what you're looking for. Whether that's where to shop, images of the products or what events are happening there anytime soon. It's always been a very practical service and that's why many businesses have put themselves on Facebook, but the redesigned pages have proven why that was such a good idea and make them look so much sleeker and more like an official website.

Facebook pages no longer have tabs. Instead, there is a sidebar on the left where you will see your page's profile picture as well as all the links to the pages you want to click on. This sidebar is neater and it looks more like an actual website. To also add to the general website feel, Facebook has also removed the advert bar on the right of the page. This is completely unlike the rest of Facebook but since they get very little ad revenue from their desktop site it shouldn't cause any damage. The removal of the ads makes the page less distracting as well as making it look more professional.

If you're worried about needing a new cover photo or anything now then don't be. The cover photo is the exact same size as it was before so you won't have to change your image. As well as this you still have a call to action button under the cover photo. You can make this button what you like whether that's to watch a video, shop now or get in contact. This button is bigger than it used to be so it should also be more noticeable.

This has all been done to make pages more accessible to people who may wish to learn about the business. This is a good thing as it means that users will want to actually look around as they aren't going to get lost on there. These pages have been slowly rolling out now so if you haven't got the new pages yet, you will most definitely have access to them very soon.

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