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Huckle Allows Users to Group Chat on Twitter

Huckle is an iOS app that allows Twitter users to start a group chat or just share their opinion without filling their timeline with random, out of place tweets. Now Huckle has made it even easier to get involved in these group chats in the hope that more people will start using it.

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Huckle is pretty easy to use and it's not bad to look at either. I don't have an iPhone so I've only viewed it on the web, but you can see how the layout would easily transfer. When you first install the app or visit the site, you do have to connect it to your Twitter. Once that is done you can view the many different chats open in the list or start your own. If you open up someone else's chat, you can see how many people have been in the chat and how many people are online at that moment. It's all pretty neat if you're trying to organise something. EW and other publications also post chats sometimes related to an article they have posted that are linked to within the chat. Now, when you comment you can @mention users to reply or you can quote someone else's answer on your Twitter. Anything you say in there will not appear on your Twitter, but this could help you make new friends and gain new followers. If you make your own chat, though, a link will be tweeted by you with the title of your chat. This is to encourage your followers to come and interact with you.

This should be pretty useful for celebrities with a big Twitter fan base. A lot of Twitter users will do video streams to answer questions and some will just use Twitter generally. Huckle will allow them to share it on Twitter and interact those users, but it'll be easier to read the conversation as it will be focused on that exact chat. There won't be other people's tweets mixed up in it or anything. Huckle's CEO knew that this would work well here when he started the service because he used to be the head of digital marketing for Taylor Swift.

You can download Huckle from the iOS store or if you're not an Apple user or just want to try the app out online first, you can enjoy chats with the comfort of your full sized keyboard online here.

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