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Twitter Users in the UK and Japan can now Tag Businesses using Yelp

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The nice thing about social media can be sharing the amazing new places that you've discovered. It could be a hole-in-the-wall restaurant or a book shop that's hidden down a barely accessed street and you fall in love with them so much that you have to tell others. On Facebook you can check in at a location, but it's always much clearer to use a service like Foursquare if you want to encourage others to go there. Twitter's latest update is kind of a mix between the two and an alteration of the fact US Twitter users can tag businesses using Foursquare within their tweets.

The Yelp update has already been rolled out in Germany and now they're bringing it to the UK and Japan. What this update means is that if you tweet about any sort of business, you can link the name to a Yelp page with more information about that business. This will include the address with an opportunity to see a map, a star rating, reviews and so on. This is great for businesses, especially new ones, as it means you can use existing followers on your personal Twitter accounts to lead them to your new business without making things too complicated.

Even if you don't run a business, this could still be useful to help out local businesses that you enjoy visiting. Chain stores and restaurants are used more than local businesses in this day and age, it's gotten to the point that local businesses are banding together to encourage more people to visit them. Little stickers in a window and recommending others to people who visit the businesses already can only help so much. If you can instead get some of your younger customers to get on Twitter and talking about your business with a Yelp geotag, you could get more customers.

The only worry about geotagging is that if you do it too often, you can more easily be tracked down by anyone. If you've said, "look, I'll be here at this time" or you geotag somewhere that you visit regularly then it means that other people can find you there. So use this to help out businesses, but be cautious about how often and where you use this.

This update is currently only for iOS and Android users and will roll out to the web interface at a later date.

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