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Instagram is Testing an App Redesign

Instagram fans, don't worry, your favorite app is being redesigned, but not in a huge way that will majorly affect you. In fact, you kind of have to wonder why they're making these changes at all, but they do make an aesthetic difference.

The redesign makes the app look a lot more minimalist. The colour scheme is black and white rather than blue and orange and the icons are either simpler or more realistic. That's pretty much all that's changed, but it does make the app look a little more professional. This need to be more professional could be why the app is making the change. Even if the theme redesign is completely unrelated, it cannot be denied that Instagram is becoming more of a business platform. Many companies now have accounts and a good proportion of them are willing to pay for ads or for Insta-famous users to endorse their products. While Instagram is already hugely popular and is a great visual way to get your company seen, a slightly sleeker, tighter theme with more white space is going to be more welcoming from a business point of view than their previous design with gaudy blues and oranges. Facebook are trying to encourage more business on all their platforms and yes, this could be one way for them to work it on Instagram without impeding on normal users ability to use it.

The other side is that they could just be trying to make Instagram more like Facebook. The main colour might be blue, but they do use a lot of white space on the app and it is a very clean design. You can easily find what you're looking for and though that wasn't really a worry on Instagram, as they don't need too many options to hunt through, it doesn't hurt to play about with how the ones they have will look.

The opinions I've seen on this possible change are mixed. Some people doubt they'd even notice a change in the theme or colour scheme and other people are excited hoping that this will make their photos pop more. Neither type of user will really be that upset whether it does or doesn't change, but if you do want it to stick, Instagram is after feedback. If you like the new look of Instagram, then make sure they know it, same goes if you don't.

What this possible change does show, however, is that Instagram can be pretty good at implementing changes. They always have a small group of users test them out and at least one of those users always leaks the information. This allows them to see the wider effect and it is the best way to go about it, even with something as basic as how an already simplistic app looks with a few changes.

This new design is still in testing and it might not be rolled out at all, but if you are an Instagram user you should take a few minutes to compare these design pictures to your current Instagram app and let them know what you think.

Rosina is a Songbird writer with a degree in Creative Writing. She's trying to focus on her novel on the side but is glad to be playing around with apps and writing about them in the mean time! Follow her @Songbird_Rosina

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