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Celebrities on Instagram and Twitter are Making Books Cool Again

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Books have been around for a very long time. They've evolved and certain genres have opened up and closed, but what hasn't changed much is the fact that some people just love to read, whether it's a short story in a magazine, a paper bound novel or an autobiography being read on an e-reader. Despite the fact that reading still isn't considered as cool as it used to be, there are still books out there that get everyone talking. Some of these become popular thanks to celebrities endorsing them on social media.

Everyone follows at least one celebrity on Instagram or Twitter, even if you don't care much about celebrity, there is bound to be someone that you're curious about. For some of you this could mean seeing more and more about books as reading almost seems to become the latest trend. Most of these celebrities appear to be female and tend to have one reason or another for sharing these books. Emma Watson has her feminist book club to encourage people to be reading more about feminism and Reese Witherspoon often buys up the rights of the books she loves so she can create something about them. These two actresses are doing completely different things with, most likely, very different books and yet they're both encouraging more and more people to read.

Of course, this trend has kind of been around for a little while with celebrities penning novels themselves or at least hiring a ghost writer and putting their names to the text. Some celebrities might seriously be interested in writing these books and almost seem to become focused on their writing career like Chris Colfer or others like Lauren Conrad, whose name may come up more with books than it does their celebrity career. Even YouTubers have been getting in on the trend, with Zoe Sugg being the first name that comes to mind. These celebrities all mention their books on their social media, even if they don't talk about other books, they're pushing people to read more and these authors in particular focus on children to young adults, people who, with a little push to read now, might be reading for a long time to come.

Both of these separate pushes towards books are positive things. Some people may say that these books are unimportant or not great just because they're being recommended or written by celebrities. That's just not true, some of the texts they recommend may be literary and others may be popular fiction or biographies, but they're all forms of text that you can read. If reading is the latest trend, then it's one that everyone, even snobs, should be able to get behind. It doesn't matter how people start reading, as long as they do and social media is a great way for people to share love for a book. This shared love means that fans can recommend books or say how much they loved a recommendation. If an author themselves isn't great on social media, then someone else endorsing it could be incredibly helpful for getting their book out there.

Social media can be a tool for encouraging and educating and I'm glad to see that this is now happening with a book push as well. More celebrities should start sharing what they're reading because their mini-reviews could be beneficial to everyone.

Rosina is a Songbird writer with a degree in Creative Writing. She's trying to focus on her novel on the side but is glad to be playing around with apps and writing about them in the mean time! Follow her @Songbird_Rosina

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