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A Father Punches a Hole in the Wall, Becomes Modern Art on Twitter


There are myriad different ways to mock your parents. You can remind them of their age, make light of how long they take to pick a bottle of wine or track the recession of their hairline with a tape measure. Suffice to say, if my Dad ever punched a hole through a wall, I would never let him forget it.

In that sense, Scott Leak and his sister are clearly kindred spirits, since their first thought when their father did exactly this was to put a frame around it. Leak's sister labelled it '"Hole in the Wall" - Artist: Dad' and then he proceeded to throw it up on Twitter. Should he have expected it to take off massively? Maybe a little, but in the tweeting crucible of chaos, it's nearly impossible to tell what will and what won't.

Obviously, this did, else I might not be writing this. What makes this even more amusing is the fact that it soon had people pledging to basically destroy their houses in the name of art, suggesting that all you need to do to turn something into art is put a frame around it. For the time being though, other examples offered are just new holes in new walls, some created by fathers, others by non-fathers. It matters little.

The other question raised by this odd trend was whether or not it was OK to make light of somebody's anger management issues, but Scott has emphasized that his father doesn't have any, and he was just annoyed at himself, more than anybody else.

To me, this is emblematic of the kind of thing that could only really happen on Twitter. It's turned the world into an enormous episode of You've Been Framed, where family mishaps can be broadcast to thousands, rather than just remaining confined.

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @Songbird_Callum

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