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YouTube to Deal with Copyright Takedown Issues

So it's pretty obvious that if you post something to YouTube then it should be completely original content, or, if you're using something by someone else then it should come under the fair use banner. Of course, not all users follow these guidelines and then their copyrighted videos get removed. As much as people complain, we get that it's going to happen, but when someone else's original video is unfairly taken down due to a false copyright complaint? You start to get the picture that there might be a problem.

YouTube have admitted to this problem now with a post on the YouTube Help forum from a member of staff. The post points out that since he started working on the YouTube Policy team in 2008 you've been able to appeal copyright claims, video removals and so on. Spencer says that changes take time and YouTube are sorry for any videos mistakenly been taken down but that they were trying to work on it. YouTube are forming a team that will specialise at looking into copyright issues to assure videos don't get wrongly removed, and probably so more videos that should be removed do too. There are no details on how they plan on changing things, they're just saying that they plan to make the changes this year and that they're now keeping a close eye on copyright claims.

The only problem is that it's a little hard to believe. We don't have numbers on how many copyright claims are made on videos a day but you have to imagine that there's a lot. Certain groups do not want their content on YouTube and must report ill use of it regularly plus there are people who like to claim copyright just to get rid of competition or a video they don't like. It's too easy to report copyright claims through Content ID otherwise these mistakes wouldn't happen. YouTube need people going through the reports manually but the man power they'd need to do this is probably not something they're willing to fund. So how can they promise to make improvements and the process more transparent? Well, they haven't. They've said that they'll try to do these things but it's not surprising that many users won't believe them and still aren't happy over this.

For a lot of users on YouTube the service is a way to share their content and sometimes make money off of them. If a video of theirs is removed then it will have an effect. Sponsors may decide to pull out and YouTube can stop users from monetization even if they restore the video. And this isn't even touching the point of what it can do to a user's reputation. If YouTube were really watching things carefully then so many channels wouldn't have died already. Admittedly they are trying to improve things now but it's a little hard to believe when they've been both so lax and yet so strangely strict about this sort of thing.

As it is I do want to believe that YouTube will fix these copyright issues for the better. They can't afford to keep losing their creators of original content because a few people have decided they should cause a problem. As said, most people know what they're actually allowed to post and what they're not. It just seems like YouTube needs to deal with the automated system so it knows too or even better, replace it with real people who require real evidence to a claim.

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