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Twitter and Facebook Banned in Turkey Following Ankara Bombing

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A tragedy occurred in Turkey this weekend when a suicide bomber attacked the capital of Ankara. Following the attack people have found that they are unable to access Twitter or Facebook within the country unless they go through a VPN.

The Turkish government have claimed that this banning has happened due to people sharing pictures of the victims after the tragedy. Pictures of dead people are going to be something that a lot of people do not want to see and you can understand them limiting that but banning all social media in a time like this is probably not a good idea. Many people are upset over this and are claiming that their leader is preventing them from having free speech which in a way he is. Usually at times like this people are rallying around on social media, sharing their support and trying to find out what exactly is going on but at the moment there doesn't appear to be much of that.

One British man who is now living in Ankara has tried to encourage people to support Turkey by sharing a post on Facebook. He has pointed out that Ankara is another city like London, New York or Paris. It was a city where people would have been going about their daily lives unsuspecting of what was about to happen as they weren't living in a war zone. He points out that just because a lot of people living in Turkey are Muslims, it doesn't mean they deserve this attack and even said that if this had been in London, people would be caring more about the victims and reacting. When you read some of the comments on the post, you can see that he's right and that is what people do think. Even so he hasn't given up, even with social media banned, and is asking people if since they were Charlie, since they were Paris, will they be Ankara too?

For those who do not know Turkey, or who distance themselves from these attacks, maybe this will open your eyes.The...
Posted by James Taylor on Sunday, 13 March 2016

People do appear to be sharing some support on Twitter even though #AnkaraAttack is not trending worldwide any more unlike other attacks that were trending even the next day. There is a related tag, #yerindibinebatsın, however since most of this tag is in Turkish it's hard to see what they're talking about. It appears mostly to be speaking against the government after this attack and probably the ban but some people to appear to be using it to show some support too.

At the moment no one knows who planned the attack and we don't know how long this social media ban will be active. It is worrying that people don't have easy access to social media when something else could happen at any time. Social media can be important for keeping up with the news and keeping safe. More people could also show their support because as James Taylor said, this was a tragic attack on a normal city and it's disappointing to see that people don't care as much just because it's Turkey. Though it could also just be that people are showing their support but we're just not getting the chance to see it. At the moment all we can do is hope that we can see that people are safe soon.

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