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Third Party Snapchat Apps are Putting Users at Risk

When you use a third party app related to or to replace an official service then you always need to be cautious. You can't be certain of who made it, what they'll do with that data and whether they can access data that should be secure, even if you don't type it in through that app. Recently several third party Snapchat apps for iOS have been revealed to be insecure and it's possible that some of the Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry apps are also at risk.

The test was only conducted on a few apps from the iOS store and the apps found to be affected were Snapix, Quick Upload and Snapbox. These apps work on non-secure connections and transmit the information in plain text which means that if anyone accesses the data, they can easily steal your log in details or worse. Snapix was the worst of the lot as it uploaded the information to their own server which makes it even easier for people to steal your data. If you have used one of these apps then it's advised that you uninstall the apps now and then change your log in details on the official app.

Of course this wasn't a complete list of every third party Snapchat app so it's probably best to uninstall and change your details for any third party app you have. Even if you use this third party app as it works better or you just find it easier, you should go back to using the official app or quit using the app completely until you can find a secure option. If you're a Blackberry or Windows Phone user without access to an official Snapchat app then you might be out of luck, unless you do find a third party app that is trustworthy.

It's probably safe to say that you should stop using third party apps in general, especially apps with private data on that you don't wish to share. Some apps are perfectly safe and will come highly recommended but it's difficult to work out which those are when there's so many of them out there. For people who have to use them, do so with an air of caution but for now those three Snapchat apps at least should definitely go onto the 'do not use' list.

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