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Social Media is Definitely Coming to VR

It was only two weeks ago that I was telling you to keep an eye on Facebook's social VR team and now their upcoming plans are already being revealed. Though Palmer Luckey himself doesn't think that Facebook has a place on VR the way it is now, Facebook are already integrating their services into the Samsung Gear VR.

Now it isn't completely Facebook as we know it. You can't virtually post statuses or go through your news feed or anything like that but it does require you to connect your actual Facebook and it does look through your friends list. To do what you ask? Well, at the moment it's to show you 360° videos. On the Samsung Gear VR there is now a section dedicated to these videos where you'll see a personalised feed of videos they think you want to see due to whom you're friends with and the pages you follow. Personally that doesn't sound like anything special to me but I suppose at least watching these 360° videos is going to be a lot better on a VR headset then it is watching on your phone or computer.

Facebook hope to eventually set up a system where you can share these videos over VR. We don't know how yet, just that Facebook's new reactions will be accessible. You kind of have to hope that it won't be a notification that pops up in the corner of your screen whilst you're in the middle of doing something else though.

This isn't the only social function that Facebook plan on bringing to VR though. As well as being able to watch Twitch and Vimeo streams with your friends you'll be able to play two new games including a trivia game and a fantasy battle game. For these features you’ll be able to make an Oculus account so you don’t need to worry about having a Facebook account for this.

The idea of being able to game with friends and watch things with them is more appealing and perhaps more what Luckey was hoping for when he said social media would need to start from scratch on VR. You can't blame Facebook for trying to make their services more accessible though because what would have been the point in them buying Oculus if they can't link it up with their other services?

You'll be able to view the new Facebook video service on the Samsung Gear VR from next week but everything else you're still going to have to wait for.

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