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Facebook are Looking for a Reporter to Spread Positivity

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With social media you always have good stories and bad stories about what you've seen or how you've been spoken to and Facebook is not an exception. However it seems as if Facebook are now trying to highlight the positive side of their service with a new job opening that will be bringing stories to our screens soon.

The reporter will be working on the Facebook Stories project, a separate site where people can share a story of something special that happened to them because of Facebook. A lot of the people whose stories are on there belong to some sort of non-profit or just have an unfortunate reason for having needed to use Facebook. Though the stories are sweet, it does feel a little like they're trying to force the idea that Facebook is great for meeting new people and doing good down your throat. Maybe this just me, but I don't exactly use Facebook to meet new people; it's more to keep track of people that you do know and mostly don't care about. But I digress; the reporter will have to focus on these sickly sweet stories to highlight how vital Facebook is in people's lives.

The people applying for the job are asked to be positive and have a passion for Facebook. They'd have to manage websites and work with the PR team as well as just getting these stories told. It's basically a lot of work just to chant about how great Facebook is. I will say this though, as much as the idea of this makes me roll my eyes, I also think it could be a great way to learn about people. Hearing and reading all those different stories is going to highlight the good in this world and I think we all need to read more of the fluff pieces these days.

The Stories website is already up and running but with the introduction of instant articles being open to everyone, Facebook is clearly trying to move more into the news market. They're never going to be as quick as Twitter when it comes to hearing the latest trends because people just don't use Facebook in that way but they can learn how to sell their site through their users’ opinions and stories.

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