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Eerily Realistic Face2Face Software Allows You to Control Another's Face

After the explosion and success of face swap, this software is just that; on steroids. Face2Face is a new beta software in the research stage that can allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to be in control of anyone else's face; permitted they're in a YouTube video. I repeat, you will be able to make anyone you like look like a complete lunatic just by owning this software and an off the shelf webcam. Its finally happening; video footage can be tampered with, trust no one!

Firstly I deem it important to clear a few things up, many articles are writing about us being able to put words into politicians mouths and unfortunately that's not entirely true. This is a purely facial recognition and manipulation tool, there no audio features as of yet. So while you can alter the way president Bush looks in his speech (I got this example from their video) thus changing the feel of his words, you can't actually alter his voice in any way to say what you want him to say, unless you do a wicked impression. The audio feature is something that will no doubt be added to complete the whole insane package.

The way in which it actually works is that the 'source' (person manipulating) sits in front of an everyday, off the shelf webcam, they then in real time (duh) act out facial movements, from winking to smiling to even opening the mouth; the facial recognition technology then transfers those movements onto the recording. The results are eerily realistic and don't look like a botched photo shop or CGI creation. The technology has even been able to create the inside of the target's (the person being manipulated) mouth. Unlike face swap which takes someones face and transplants it onto another's head/body, this tech allows you to move their mouth. The face remains completely the same, all that is tampered with are the movements and expressions.

It's thought that this software could create funny spoof videos, sort of like the bad lip reading videos, but far more realistic, however there's also cause for concern. When they do get the audio feature involved this futuristic tool could help create political propaganda or tamper with video evidence. Who know's what the limitations are and the results could be catastrophic. It also begs the question as to what the exact purpose would be? Has it just been created to see if it could, or is there some sort of use that isn't glaringly obvious to your average Joe like myself.

The creators have not yet made it commercial but are toying with the idea considering its crowd appeal and popularity. This is both incredibly fascinating and honestly a little bit scary. The thought of someone doing it to my face just plain weirds me out and I don't know if I would laugh or cry.

Robyn is a self-proclaimed book nerd/punk goddess. She has always had an adoration for writing and is hoping to find her feet in this creative and intrinsically exciting career path. She may only be an intern but don't underestimate this girl. Follow her @Songbird_Robyn

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