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Donald Trump and Pokemon Invade Facebook in New 'Reaction Packs'

When Facebook unveiled their new 'reactions' system, designed to replace the dated 'like' format they have used since the site's conception, opinions came in left, right and centre. Some praised the network for offering a more diverse range of responses, while others, such as Cara Delevingne, criticised them for enabling online bullying. If, however, your issue with the update was that the reactions on offer were just too boring, developer Rodney Folz has provided a solution.

Folz has created a plugin, for both Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to swap out the standard reaction icons for a set of your own choosing. These 'Reaction Packs' offer a diverse selection, ranging from DiCaprio to Donald Trump to My Little Pony. For me though, it's all about the Pokemon pack.

If none of the available packs take your fancy, the site also offers users the ability to upload their own custom sets by following a simple set of guidelines.

The downside is that only people with the plugin installed with see your custom reactions packs, whether you created them yourself or chose from the existing library. All other users are instead presented with the standard icons.

While this isn't exactly the kind of thing that will have any dramatic effect on how you use the network, these quirky, aesthetic plugins tend to do well, especially while Facebook's reactions maintain their gimmick status.

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