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Are Snapchat Secretly Working on Smart Glasses?

It doesn't feel that long ago that Google Glass went out the window but even as Google failed smart glasses were proven to still be a viable device with the announcement of the Microsoft Hololens which is due to be released later this month. Now it looks as if Snapchat might be building a competitor for the Hololens.

When it comes to AR, Snapchat have a good idea of how it works and what people want from it. Even though their lenses might seem silly to some people, they actually show how something like AR can function on something as simple as a phone. It's complicated technology that at the moment Snapchat currently wears the crown for. The big question is this: will people be willing to buy wearable tech from Snapchat or would it just be something that a few rich teenagers own and use?

As it is we don't actually have any confirmation of what Snapchat plan to do, just a lot of evidence that seems to point that way. Other than the fact AR is very much Snapchat's thing, they have recently hired a recruiter who formerly worked for Microsoft on the Hololens. Their Engineering Director used to create AR experiences for smart phones and glasses at a vision based AR company and they've recently hired a woman who designed glasses frames for Michael Kors, as well as Innovega, who make mixed reality glasses. These hires all seem to suggest that they're looking into not only wearable tech but into making it stylish, something that most wearable tech isn't.

The biggest question when it comes down to this possible technology is how would they make it work? Snapchat is mostly used by teenagers and they're unlikely to be able to afford smart glasses let alone actually want to buy them. Even if they manage to make them the most stylish glasses in the world, they're still going to seem rather nerdy.

Microsoft on the other hand are known for their technology and have been able to find and highlight various different applications for the tech from astronauts using it on Space Stations to people being able to play Minecraft in an amazing new way. The Hololens is for tech savvy people of all jobs and interests, whereas Snapchat's current target market is very different.

Of course, Snapchat could be planning on making changes to either make smart glasses more attractive to younger users or they could already plan on widening their target market by improving on what their AR can do. As long as they don't make the same mistakes as Google did with their recording technology and unattractive glasses they might be okay.

But until we hear back from Snapchat we have no way of knowing. For now I'd like to picture someone being able to stand there putting the various different Snapchat lenses across their friends faces without them knowing. It’s a funny image though unlikely considering it could make a lot of people uncomfortable.

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