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Another Cowardly Face Behind the 'Fappening' is Being Sentenced

Ryan Collins is yet another creep behind the 'Fappening' - did it really have to be called something to grotesque? - that has been caught and charged. Collins although not the distributor of the stolen private imagery, obtained and sourced images of around 100 victims, at least 18 of them famous. He's chosen to strike a plea deal which gives him a reduced sentence of up to 5 years but prosecutors say they'll recommend him getting a minimal 18 month sentence in return for pleading guilty.

He gained access to their Google and Apple cloud accounts by tricking them into giving up information, using emails that appeared to come directly from the companies themselves. In a few cases he was able to obtain every file they had uploaded to their storage and account, obviously including explicit videos and photographs - he then passed them onto an associate who leaked them.

Prosecutors have also caught and convicted several other men for stealing images of other celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson. Originally when the first wave of the 'Fappening' happened it was believed to be one or two twisted rodent behind it, but it quickly became apparent that it was a network of different degenerates with specific skill sets - which of course makes this scandal so much more disgusting, it was clearly premeditated or at the very least, discussed.

Sex acts are one of the most heinous crimes to commit, they come in all forms and they aren't just physical. When you take an intimate photograph that is intended for a significant other, it's an exciting way of creating a physical bond without the ability to be there with them. It can also make the woman in question feel empowered and, you know... Sexy.

Yes, taking them comes with risks, and there are a million people out there who will say something dumb like 'well don't take them if you don't want them to be seen.' but that's like you telling me a secret, me finding said secret out, blabber mouthing it to everyone very publicly, then saying 'don't have secrets if you don't want people to find out about them.'

Personally I think these crimes are worthy of a greater punishment, not only are they sex crimes but would this not constitute as effectively breaking an entry into something and stealing? These motives and acts combined should create a far longer sentence then 18 months, if the plea is guilty. You get longer in prison for dealing drugs! That not something I advocate, of course, but come on, people buy drugs through choice, there was so choice for these girls, no consent. Jenifer Lawrence reportedly told vanity fair ' I was just so afraid. I didn't know how this would affect my career' Luckily, these events did little to no damage.

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