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#Twitter Is Now More #Business Friendly

Social media is being used for all sorts of businesses now, and Facebook have been especially taking advantage of this. However a lot of the time, it still seems easier to talk to businesses on Twitter and now it’s set to be an even easier experience.

How many of you have had bad service and have then gone and complained about it on Twitter? How many of you have then had a positive response such as a refund or a free product just so you'll withdraw that complaint? I'm betting that a lot of you have experienced something like this. That is because the beauty of Twitter is that it's quick, mobile and easy to access.

Once your tweet is out there and you've @ mentioned them, it'll be a lot easier for anyone else on the service to see it. It's not like Facebook where it's merely comments on a page that you have to worry about people seeing, on Twitter everyone and anyone can easily stumble across the complaint. But for them to be able to deal with your message privately or to ask for details then they have to ask you to DM them. In the past that meant going out of your way to message them and sometimes people wouldn't see the point.

Businesses will now be able to give you the option to privately message them from their tweets. A little link will appear above the re-tweet and reply buttons and a box will open up in the same screen. It makes messaging them quicker and smoother. Businesses will now also be able to ask for feedback in private messages. If they ask you to provide feedback then you'll get numbers pop up from which you can choose a rating. You can then provide a reason as to why you rated the company that number. This should be good customer service in the long run as it means that they can improve how they respond to things on social media by finding out what people expect using the services.

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This is still nothing compared to what businesses can do on Facebook but it's a really good step. On a scale of 1 to 10 of how likely I'd be to recommend this to a business; I'd give it a 7. And next time I have a complaint to make, I'll be looking forward to testing it out.

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