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Snapchat Introduces Live Score Filter

It seems like all the big social media companies are trying to pull in the sports market right now. Twitter has always been popular during games, Facebook recently introduced their Stadium feature and now Snapchat has introduced a live score geo filter.

Snapchat is one of the biggest social media apps around right now and it's one that gets used rather differently to Twitter or Facebook. On social media like that people don't always want to read a live stream of the events going on as they happen, they just want professional views or funny comments and people have to wade through a lot to find the score. But Snapchat is allowing fans to put the scores out there with any picture which means users can share whilst they do what they do best. With the geofilter, as long as the user is in the stadium they'll be able to take a picture of their outfit, their snacks or a view of what is going on etc with the score tacked onto the left side of the image or video. The score will change automatically with the game so viewers will see it in real time.

The filter is currently set up for all NBA games and some other sports matches. Snapchat have made a deal with the Super Bowl to have a Live Feature on that this year and it seems likely that they'll roll out the live score geofilter too. Both NBA and NFL games are big events in the American sports calendar and giving fans a way to share their love is a sure fire way to encourage people to keep using your apps at such sponsored events.

Snapchat have had to partner with Stats.com for this to work. It was a quiet deal but has made way for something that could really help Snapchat gain and keep users, even if it doesn't really need that help. Cracking the sports industry will allow Snapchat to make a lot more money from the ads it brings in and at the moment it's looking to be a strong contender.

No matter what app you choose to use, it looks like 2016 is going to be a big year for sports on social media.

Rosina Brooker

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