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Is #AltosAdventure's #Android Release Fair?

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Alto's Adventure is an immensely popular game on iOS. It's a simple free running game where you play a skier and try to collect coins, llamas and do tricks. It sounds kind of odd but its beautiful graphics and the fact you can play it quickly just to waste five minutes means it's strangely addictive. It currently costs £2.29/$2.99 in the iTunes store but Android users won't have to worry about paying for it.

First thing to point out is that the game isn't going to be completely free but instead a Freemium game. You might not have to pay for it but you'll have to put up with ads and will be able to spend real money to get extra features. It's pretty common for a lot of games these days so neither company who has worked on the Android game has to worry about losing money. The fact is that people are less willing to pay for games on Android phones. If a game costs more than $0.99 then it'll likely be pirated unlike on iOS systems. So it kind of makes sense why Snowman and Noodlecake had to make this port free, better to get less money from a Freemium game then to get none at all because everyone else is downloading a free copy.

Making it free is also a way they're hoping to gain more users. iPhones are generally thought to be more popular but Android phones come in more variety and therefore are likely to have a larger base of users. And let's face it; people are going to be more willing to download a free game. Users tend to go through games so quickly these days, installing them and then later uninstalling them when they're bored so there's no point in wasting money on them. If you get addicted to a game while playing it, as many Alto's Adventure's players seem to, then you're going to be okay about spending some money even if you give up on the game later.

Alto's Adventure being free is great for many Android users and for both companies but it isn’t fair to the still paying iOS users. If you're going to release a game on two different platforms then it should cost the same. If they were worried about money then they should have put them both as a similar price or they could offer a free version as well. If they had both free and paid versions then they could both be available on both platforms. Something like that would have made iOS and Android users equal.

As it is no one seems to really be complaining about how it'll cost on one phone and not another but since Snowman and Noodlecake might be changing the costing on the Android game in the future, you have to wonder if Snowman might one day be nice and make the iOS version Freemium too.

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