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Controversial YouTube Star Sam Pepper 'Gives Up' on Social Media

YouTube star Sam Pepper, famous for his hidden camera pranks and online antics, has suddenly almost entirely removed his online presence, offering up very little explanation in the process.

Pepper's name rose to prominence around a year ago, when he released a 'prank' video that basically consisted of him wandering around town groping unsuspecting women. Naturally, the online world took issue, including many other prominent YouTube stars, and calls were made for Pepper's videos and content to be removed. In this case, the offending video was taken down by YouTube for violating their terms but Pepper was allowed to continue creating new content for his channel.

Fast forward to November 2015 and Pepper landed himself in hot water once more, this time going further still. In a video entitled 'Killing Best Friend Prank', Pepper teamed up with fellow YouTuber Colby Brock to play a downright twisted trick on Colby's friend Sam Golbach. The pair, after feigning engine trouble on a deserted street, led Golbach to believe that himself and Colby were being abducted, before seemingly executing Colby in front of his horrified best friend. The pain and mental anguish that Golbach experiences in that moment are immediately apparent, and even though the victim has since publicly defended the video, many people felt that Pepper lost sight of the definition of a prank, instead subjecting his target to what I can only describe as psychological torture.

Now it seems as though all the criticism has finally proven too much as Pepper has, without warning, all but disappeared from social media. His YouTube channel is now devoid of any images, channel art or even videos, with all content now set to private. His Twitter account has followed suit, removing absolutely everything save for one tweet, which reads simply "i give up".

Although no official statement has been made, the sudden social media blackout has likely come about due to the increasing opposition to Pepper's channel. Normally I feel quite bad for those prominent figures who are subjected to enough online abuse to make them abandon such channels, but I cant help but think that Pepper has brought this on himself, and fully deserves the backlash.

Update 24/2/16: Since the time of writing one more post has appeared on Sam Pepper's Twitter, leaving us to speculate about what this supposed 'truth' could be.

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