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7 Best Pinterest Pancake Hacks to Try This Pancake Day

It's Shrove Tuesday and thanks to the world's unhealthy obsession with posting food on social media, we now have access to more amazing and crazy pancake ideas than ever before. Who would pick lemon and sugar when there are these monsters to discover?

First up, is the OREO COOKIE PANCAKE.

You heard me.

Now I imagine this one would be a bit sickly but it's a beast and a must try, especially if you like a decadent portion of a zillion calories.
Whilst we're talking about chocolate... we would like to introduce the Nutella sandwich pancake. This pin gives you a step by step walk through on how to make the most mind blowing surprise of a pancake that has ever graced our frying pans.

The strawberries are a nice touch but it's got me thinking... how about a marshmallow in that sandwich too? It'd be like a s'more! This is the Cinnamon Roll pancake from Recipe Girl and it looks brilliant. It goes really well with a breakfast - so we're sorry if it's a bit late for that. But there's always next year right?

A trend that has taken over recently in the great baking buzz, is to unnaturally colour anything and everything.

We do love a good splash of colour, but why not try and achieve it naturally with a BEETROOT?

Now hear me out! This way you get the health benefits of having a vegetable in your pancake and a brilliant purple/red colour. I'm all up for it and reckon it would be divine with some vanilla frosting or maybe something chocolaty (I'm all for the beetroot cake too).

Whilst I've got your attention, how about a 2 ingredient banana and egg pancake?

Jack Johnson wrote a song about banana pancakes, so we know they must be crazy good. They're also simple and easy to make. 

The ingredients sound a bit like you're going to end up with a banana omelette, but trust me, these babies work. Plus, they're super healthy and great before a work out with a schmeer of peanut or almond butter on top! 

Cook with coconut oil if you want to go for a real health kick.

Feeling sick of fillings altogether but still want to impress? How about combining it with Valentine's Day and trying this swirling love heart pancakes instead?

Maybe it's not a lover you're trying to impress, so how about these babies?

Perfect for the kids and easy to do if you're feeling a little like Matisse meets Gordon Ramsey ...

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