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What Exactly Is Jelly? The Q&A App Is Coming Back In Town

Okay, if like me you're not huge on apps then (unless someone points them out to you)  you're probably not all that familiar with Jelly. Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter is one of the brains behind the Q&A app that was originally released back in 2014. It was a simple app that basically allowed members to ask questions and have real people answer them. However interest in the app was short lived and they wound up getting more answers then questions. This time around they're hoping that will change.

Jelly is an app that works like a search engine in which you don't need to filter through the results. This time around you won't need an account to ask questions, just to answer them. It will be available on the web as well as an app so if you're planning a date and need to know where the best sea food restaurant in Cambridge is then you can type in your question.

Once your question has been asked, they'll send it through to real people! And yes, okay, you could probably get the same results by asking someone on any social media platform, but do you really want to deal with trolls and the questions on why you want to know that? It could be a really awkward question or even a surprise for someone. It might take a little while, but the beauty of Jelly is that you don't need to sit around and wait for a response, once the question is out there it might take some time but the search function will eventually find someone with the knowledge to answer your question and they'll get back to you. If what they tell you isn't enough or you want to thank them then the app gives you the chance to follow up with them.

So, in summary, Jelly is a quick and simple app, you don't need to sign up to ask questions and you can close it once you have. Then all you have to do is carry on with your day, a real person with knowledge on the topic will answer it and then the app with notify you! It's pretty genius.

The app isn't available yet but you can head over to their site and reserve a username now.

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