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The In-App Browser That Means You'll Never Have to Leave Facebook Again

Facebook have reportedly taken another step into making Facebook the only app that mobile owners ever need to use. Before if you wanted to look at something while you were on Facebook you had to either open a link or switch to an internet app to search for the website yourself. It can admittedly be a pain in the butt if you need to check something quickly before posting but it’s also something we’re used to doing. Now Facebook are testing out an in-app internet browser. So not only would you be able to click through to links but you'll be able to open up and search for new websites in the Facebook app.

The only thing that I have to warn now is that the Facebook browser will not support tabs. This means that if you have something open on Facebook then the website will take it over. It would be wise to copy or cut whatever you're writing just in case. It may wind up being unnecessary if the app remembers the text you'd been typing but we've all been there when something is supposed to be remembered, you click a different link by accident and then when you go back you've lost it all. It can be the most frustrating thing ever so it's always best to take precautions.

As well being able to search for and open links you'll be able to see social media stats for the page as well. This could be useful if you want to share what’s popular or if you want to check the trustworthiness of the source. And just like in other browsers there will be the option to go back, forward or to bookmark a page. I expect this isn't it for the app and that after this first test they will try and improve on and add more features that will open up the browser to more users until people use Facebook rather than Chrome, Safari or what other generic browsers their phone provides them with.

The beta is currently being run by a small selection of iOS users and there's no information as to when it will be released to everyone, if it even is. But what we do know is that Facebook are slowly becoming everything a person could need if they choose to use it.

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