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#ImFlattered Campaign Promotes Female Body Positivity on Instagram

Smart Glamour | Instagram
Websites like Instagram allow everyone and anyone to become models and celebrities in their own way. People can post pictures and videos of themselves to share with the masses and hopefully people will like and comment. It's the most basic aspect of social media and people have been looking for ways to share messages on it for years in the hope it'll either bring them fame or do them some good.

The #Imflattered tag is using the internet for a little bit of both. The tag was coined by Mallorie Dunn of the clothing line Smart Glamour. The clothing line is designed for women of all ages, shapes and sizes so the same dress can be worn by everyone. It's a great idea for women who feel uncomfortable with the fact they have to go into specialised shops or older women who feel they suddenly have to dress dowdily just because of their age. The #Imflattered tag works on the concept of women taking the insults thrown at them for the way they dress and just ignoring them.

The main campaign was held by the clothing line and they invited the women to their headquarters and snapped photos of them with the signs in their clothing. It was a great show of body positivity and when it found its way onto Instagram more people seemed to join in. The idea was to take a selfie of yourself dressed how you liked that other people disagreed with saying what they said about you and the #Imflattered tagged somewhere on there. It's a good thing to see on a site like Instagram where some people might be ashamed to share their photos unless they're heavily edited because of what people might say.

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The movement has already started to fade, however I say carry on sharing your body positivity pictures and stories! Don't let anyone other than you stop you from wearing what you want to wear - unless it's someone actually looking out for your health.

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