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#Facebook Video of #Arabs and #Jews Kissing Mysteriously Disappears

A video showing Arab and Jewish couples kissing mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared on Facebook this week. This happened after the news broke that a book featuring an Arab man and a Jewish woman was banned by the Ministry of Education in Israel at the end of the last year.

The video was made by Tel Aviv, an Israeli magazine who were against the reasoning of the novel's ban. They asked six couples, some gay and some straight to kiss in front of the camera and ended it with the message in English, Hebrew and Arabic that Jews and Arabs refused to be enemies. Some of the couples had never met each other before the video was recorded but none of them had a problem with it. That was one of the messages the magazine wanted the video to get across, that Jews and Arabs didn't have to be enemies and some of them just wanted to support love.

The video was posted on the magazine's Facebook page only to disappear suddenly. When Facebook were asked about this they claimed they hadn't removed the video themselves. The Israeli Haaretz newspaper was also questioned within regards to the video's removal but they claimed they had nothing to do with it. So who does this leave but hackers? If it were hackers that removed the video then it could be anyone but it's removal has certainly caused a stir. The magazine were trying to do something positive for the two communities only for it to be thrown out, if only we could say that behaviour like this were against the norm on social media.

The video has since reappeared on Facebook and Tel Aviv are encouraging people to share the video as much as possible. It's something that could really make an impact and people need to witness it or even download it in case is disappears from the public eye again. The controversy the video's disappearance has stirred should hopefully make that unlikely but you never truly know what could happen.

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