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#SongbirdStories: The Rest From The Nest Of #SocialMedia

It's Songbird Story time again and this week we've had few surprises. Remember #NotInMyName? Well it's back, and for different reasons this time. But before that here are all the other little things we missed this week.

A Woman Tracks Down Her Attacker On Facebook


After a man offered to walk her home, Chanel Purchase was nearly raped meters away from her home. She contacted the police as soon as she could and after they left in the early hours of the morning she took to Facebook to find her attacker. He had mentioned a mutual friend so she decided to find him through that person. After searching through profile pictures, albums and posts, she eventually recognised the face of the man who attacked her. She said 'I did it because I just wanted justice. I do not want him out on the streets. It's the most motivated I've ever been to do something'. James Huggett was arrested and convicted the next day.

Sexist Job Advert On LinkedIn Sparks Response On Twitter

A web development firm based in Toronto advertised for a receptionist position earlier this week on LinkedIn. The company Vestra Inet were asking for someone who had brilliant organisational skills, was great with computers, could take on the responsibilities of a receptionist, oh, and who was preferably a woman. This created a bit of an outrage on Twitter as it raised questions of sexism. It went two ways as people were joking about their choice to have women but others claimed that men could be offended too. Either way it seemed that what was an innocent request to them, became a big deal to everyone else. The firm did apologise saying that they were not discriminating but creating diversity. Well, it looks like a lot more people beg to differ. The ad was taken down shortly after the outburst of response. 

Greek PM Provokes His Turkish Counterpart 

When a Russian jet was downed near the Turkey-Syria border, Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras tweeted about Turkey's possible misuse of arms. He claimed that Greece used their weapons much better and that their pilots were not as 'mercurial' as theirs against the Russians. These were posted on his official English speaking account but also on his Greek one. Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu responded and so began an unusual conversation. He did not think it an appropriate time to discuss such things. Not many defended Tsipras' decision to use social media to talk about the jet being shot down. 

Girls Boasts About Not Being Charged In Possession Of Weapons

A girl in Melbourne was caught with 9 firearms in the back of her car along with other weapons, but after the Magistrate's Court dropped all charges she walked free. She thought it would be a good idea to provoke them by posting a photograph of herself after the court hearing. The post read 'All charges withdrawn/ dropped..... PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!'. What made her think that would be a good idea is beyond me. The weapons were taken away but the girl was released due to insufficient evidence. 

#BreakUpIn5Words - People Share The Ways In Which You Can Break Up With Someone

Twitter users have been sharing five words they think you could use to break up with someone. Although the concept is not nice, there are some hilarious examples. People are giving it a funny turn saying things like 'I love One Direction more' or my personal favourite 'I Ross, take thee Rachel'. Even Domino's played along with their 'You stole the last slice' and James Mcvey from The Vamps 'Sorry, I prefer eating cake'. A lot of creativity and thought has gone into these, some do leave me thinking they might be serious, however 'I'm thinking about the priesthood' isn't one of those. No, the thought of these encouraging people to use them to actually break up with someone isn't nice, but so far I have not come across anyone aiming them directly at their partner!

Star Wars Language Has Been Added To Google Translate


For all you Star Wars fans, this is probably the best feature you will come across this year. Google Translate are offering you the chance to use the language of Star Wars. It has been said that there is one letter from our traditional Alphabet for every letter in Aurebesh making it easier for the developers to bring this to life. This will only be available as long as the promotion runs so until February 8th. It is not possible to use it on the Android app but other than that you should be able to access it from anywhere else. This is one of many features Google has provided for the promotion as earlier this week users were able to choose which side of The Force they lean towards as well as access Star Wars related apps. So give it a go, purely to see how it sounds in Aurebesh. 

Reese's Tree Candy Fail - #ChristmasTurd

As do most major chocolate companies for Christmas, Reese's launched a chocolate bar that looked like a..... well supposed to look like a Christmas tree. I can see it, just about, but wow they did a bad job of it. For such a big firm you'd think it would have gone better than it did. People have been talking about it and some even used the hashtag #ChristmasTurd. A step too far maybe but fair enough. I think I'd be disappointed if I'd been promised a Reese's Christmas tree and got that. @ReesesPBCup responded with a clever one. They used #AllTreesAreBeautiful. They have clearly noticed the non existence of the shape of a Christmas tree. Are they holly leaves said one person? Whatever they are, people are loving them all the same. I think they are just disappointed by the shape.

Skull Emoji On Gmail

A few people found a skull and bones emoji appear on their gmail accounts this week. It did not affect everyone but when hovered over, Channel Spy or Data Spy appeared. It turns out that the symbol is used by Google's in house debugger but this time, the emoji was a bug itself. Google didn't actually reply as such when asked to comment on the bug, instead they used the meme above. 

#NotInMyName - Hashtag Is Repurposed

We have all seen this hashtag before, as it has been used by Muslims after certain terror attacks to show the world that their religion does not come into any of it. After the Paris attacks the campaign was launched again by youngsters who felt they wanted to show the world that the attacks are not in their name, but ISIS alone. Well, this week air strikes on Syria were voted for and many are unsettled about the news. #NotInMyName is now being used by people all over Britain who refuse to be involved in any way with the bombing on Syria. I find it quite fascinating to watch the roles be reversed.

Uber Introduces SPOT To Identify Your Ride

There must always be that moment of fear when you think you might have the wrong Uber car pull up. Yes you have the registration, make and model of the car, but who knows. Spot is a colour coded system that confirms your ride for you. At the time of booking you will choose a colour  from the panel, and when the car pulls up to pick you up, a light in their windscreen will be lit up in that very same colour. This way you can be even surer of the vehicle you are about to step into. At the end of the day you are still getting into a stranger's car, but this way it is a colour you have decided before hand, and you will know straight away from a distance that your car is about to pull up. The driver can also ask you to show them your screen before you get in so that they can identify the colour chosen too. It is only being tested in Seattle at the moment but hoepfully it will be worldwide soon. 

Superfan Edits Wikipedia Page To Get Backstage At A Concert

last night someone edited our wikipedia page to say he was our family. showed security at our show, got into the green room and had a beer with the boys.. Spargo you legend
Posted by Peking Duk on Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Yesterday the band Peking Dut posted on their Facebook that a fan had edited their Wikipedia page claiming that he was part of their family. He managed to get past security by showing them the page and spent the whole evening backstage. The band were not even angry, they actually found it quite amusing. And well done to that guy. Obviously I'm not sure if it would work again for anyone else, but good job thinking about that!

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