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Could Instagram's Geotagging be Helping Stalkers & Burglars Target You?

A few students in Orange County became the victims of burglaries after a man had stalked them on their social media accounts. It started with one girl's car being broken in to, then she was being watched as she changed in her room, and eventually the man found his way into the house through the bedroom window.

The girls were very concerned about the fact that all of them had been targetted. It turns out that as they were all friends and roommates, the man had been able to access their Instagram posts and seen them all together. The geotagging was in fact the revelation of their location. The result of that meant he had stalked them, stolen valuable items, jewellery and underwear? Odd but I'd rather not know anymore. One of the girls stated 'I know my account was on private but a lot of my really good girlfriends, they're on public and so it made me realise we shouldn't put where we are,  ever'. Although their accounts did not have location settings revealed, it was the geotagging that allowed 44 year old Arturo Galvan to find out where the girls lived, where they had been and what they'd been up to.

Police are encouraging people not to have their location activated and always to click on 'never' should it ask you to activate. It is important to understand how social media can reveal things you may not have even realised it did. Even if the photo does not have a location set to it, there are other ways it can be found. This goes for any social media platform really, and we have written previous articles about what you can or really shouldn't be posting. People have been warned especially about posting when you will be out of the house as that could make your home the perfect target for burglary. So all of you photo fanatics, by all means keep sharing those pictures, just watch out  for the geotagging on them, and avoid posting too many details about where you are. You never know who is watching.

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