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Support for Paris Causes The World To React

We all know what happened on Friday in Paris, but what a lot of people are trying to say is that Paris was not the only place in mourning. Social media was of course filled with hashtags and posts and anything else you can think of linked to the Paris attacks.

There have been many posts written about how people are ignoring the fact that while Paris was under attack, other parts of the world were in crisis too but we didn't seem to care according to them. There was a suicide bomb explosion in Beirut, an earthquake in Japan, a hurricane in Mexico and a bomb explosion at a funeral in Baghdad. Following this, many Facebook users especially were outraged by people's decision to use the provided filter of the French flag on their profile pictures. Having said that, others were completely against the use of the filters altogether. They claimed that it was pointless and didn't actually do anything.

I must say that I got a little sensitive about the subject. The way that the majority of people see the changing of profile pictures is a symbol of solidarity. Of course we know it is not going to change the past, but we are showing support in one of the only ways we can at the moment. Unfortunately a tragedy like this one so close to home is bound to spark a different reaction to elsewhere. It does not mean in anyway that we are ignoring what is happening. Having been confirmed as a terrorist attack however, people have been reminding others of the true meaning of ISIS and not to group all Muslims as part of the attacks. There have been very strong posts promoting the need to differentiate. #NotInMyName is a campaign also supporting this.

"Can i just take this opportunity to remind you all that Mr Mohammed from your local shop wasn't involved in last nights...
Posté par Jamie Bryce sur samedi 14 novembre 2015

Facebook was also being questioned after their 'Safety check' feature was activated during the Paris attacks. People were able to let their Facebook friends know that they were safe in the area, and over 4 million in Paris did so. Usually this feature is used during natural disasters, like the Nepal Earthquake, but Facebook decided to use it when this human disaster struck, and Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that it will now be used at such times. There was a lot of response to this feature being used in Paris, as it was not activated at the time of the bombings in Beirut, where at least 40 people were killed. The CEO of Facebook said about Safety check 'there is a first time for everything', and that they care about all people. The bombings in Lebanon happened before the attacks on Paris, and the decision had only been made when reports of so many people were losing their lives. He is adamant that the feature will now be used at all times of human disaster as well as natural. Under his profile picture filtered with the French flag, a comment was made about the non-existence of the Safety Check feature in Lebanon to which Zuckerberg replied 'Many people have rightfully asked [...] until yesterday our policy was only to activate [it] for natural disasters. We just changed this and now plan to activate Safety Check for more human disasters'.

As we all know, everyone took to social media this weekend and I watched the whole development. Having family in the capital at the time I was glad to see the 'Safety check' feature working well, but amongst those who were checking in safe, others took to the social networks to express their strong feelings about the terror attacks. As you can imagine, more than just a few posts were taken down, but users managed to screenshot them to keep them circulating. Comedian Jason Manford's was among the most popular as he insulted ISIS and called them 'murdering cowards'. Now at times like these it is difficult to stay quiet about how we feel, and as much as people might agree with Jason Manford, Facebook cannot afford to have posts out in the open like this. Needless to say that we are all in shock, and most are still dreading another attack, but we have to be careful what we say. One post that circulated and actually was widely appreciated in odd ways by people was a post by Linda, who told us exactly what she was going to do to ISIS. For reasons you can imagine I have decided not to share with you the post, although, her choice of words did put a smile on my face, accompanied by a caption from a third party that wrote 'We can all relax now. Linda's got this'.

The development of social media over the weekend has been incredible, from the shock of the news, to the changing of profile and cover pictures, to expressing the misunderstanding and hate from some. Videos have been circulating, both of the attacks witnessed, sound of explosions and gunfire, but also of people trying to give others hope with videos and images. A prime example of this is the buildings lit up with the colours of France around the world. It goes without saying that support is being shown not only for Paris, despite some thoughts of the contrary, and we are all living in a time of fear. I was asked if I would still go and work in Paris was I given the opportunity and I would like to share my thoughts on the matter: It can happen to anyone and anywhere so of course I am scared of other attacks, but I am more scared at the idea of not living a life because of it. Social media is bringing people together but I fear that a lot of built up hatred is showing and some are overseeing the point of small acts of support. Here is a post that explains in a few good words what is going on. I must warn you of some explicit language.

It seems that we've gotten to a point where we even argue about who we should and shouldn't have Empathy for. I have...
Posté par Wayne Bryant sur dimanche 15 novembre 2015

So to all of you out there, and I know I am addressing the majority of you, if you are scared of what you are hearing, shut it off. Turn the radio off, turn the television off and put it out of your minds for now. If writing about it helps and you feel the need to share it, maybe even use social media to get involved in conversations if you feel the need to understand the events in more detail. I can guarantee that writing will help you. One of my homes has been severely hurt, and I write with a heavy heart but am hopeful as I watch it build itself up, again.

Question complexe, réponse simple.
Posté par Spi0n sur mardi 13 janvier 2015

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