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#SocialMedia #Backlash After Constant Mistakes On #Xfactor This Weekend

Daily Mail
I have missed weeks of Xfactor because of a lack of time (and a recording box), but this weekend I made the most of the time on my hands to sit and watch it. It all started Saturday night when I found out that Rita Ora managed to 'forget' her own act's name the previous week. Yes, she stumbled on live air as she was supposed to be announcing Monica Michael to the stage.

At the end of the performance she explained that she didn't want to 'bore the viewers with the details', which makes us believe that she may have been fed the wrong name. Nonetheless it caused a little bit of a joke as Rita Ora did have that moment's pause. And when I look back, she forgot the name, let's be honest.

And it just gets better, or worse, depending on how you see it. On Sunday as the bottom two contestants were waiting to hear who still had a place in the competition, the votes went to a draw. Xfactor has been going long enough that everyone knows that if there are two votes for one act and two votes for the other, it goes to 'deadlock'. This means that it is down to the public's original vote. As Simon announced which act he wanted to send home, we all waited for the votes to be revealed. But poor Olly Murs turned to Monica and announced that she was leaving. There was a slight silence in the room until co-host Caroline Falck leapt in and announced that no, she wasn't and we did not know yet. Olly Murs was quick to correct himself, but of course at this point, only one thing was going through our minds, that he had just announced the real person leaving. I must admit, it was quite funny, as that look on his face only meant one thing for him. He was probably being shouted at through his earpiece too. Fans all over the country were quite surprised and there has been talk of Xfactor being fixed and how Olly Murs has just proved it. Now either this was a genuine mistake and Olly heard wrong what Simon said, or he really made a mess of things by announcing news he was not supposed to. And as you can imagine, memes of all descriptions have risen to the occasion.

To top all of this, Monica Michael was criticised for imitating a gun gesture at the end of the show. After the events of Friday in Paris, many viewers were outraged by her choice of hand gesture. I'm sure she did not mean it in that way but unfortunately people felt quite sensitive about the whole situation.

She did apologise, so hopefully fans will be able to move on from the incident.

Can we just hope that fot the show's sake things go a little better this week. It has been very enternaining however, and actually, that's live shows for you.

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