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Snoopy Has Appeared on Snapchat to Promote the Peanuts Movie

In case you hadn't heard, an all new movie of the classic comic strip Peanuts is incoming. It looks... Erm... Interesting, but the part we're focusing on here is the promotional strategy, and Snapchat is poised right in the middle of it. I would imagine that Charlie Brown and crew don't hold the same sway over kids that they used to, despite the timelessness of so much of the humor (that strange, inane trumpeting noise that adults make is still what I hear when my parents try and explain things to me, I'm 25), but this might be just the thing to do it.

No character in that series is more universally loved than Snoopy, so it makes sense to make him the primary spokesman for this campaign. He hasn't been given a Snapchat account, as such, but instead he features as a sponsored lens, the first of its kind on the platform. Once applied, Snoopy will dance around just in front of you with a trail of candy corn in his wake whilst the strip's other iconic anthropomorphic animal, Woodstock, dances around on your head.

Additionally, a set of day and night themed geofilters have been added, which had a Halloween vibe to them over the weekend but are now more general. While the lens is the first of its kind to appear, Snapchat have been exploring a number of new avenues in film promotion, like the dedicated live story feed which coincided with the release of Spectre. Like all special lenses, it was a limited time offer, but Snapchat might well release more Peanuts content as the film moves into its theatrical run.

Snapchat's ongoing interest in the film industry is unlikely to lose any traction any time soon. The platform has an aggressive rate of user growth and plenty of scope for inventive promotion and a good working relationship with film studios could result in some amazing viral marketing further down the line.

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