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#Pinterest Introduce Slick New #Image #Search Tool

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Image searching remains something of an inexact science, finding the source of an image is relatively easy to do, but nobody has found a way to implement the recognition software perfectly quite yet. Pinterest might be the ones to buck the trend, as they've brought in a shiny new image searching function that impressively marries form and function.


Utilising deep learning technology, they have developed a mechanism which enables you to highlight a section of an image, then it will look for matching results. Say, for example, you're looking at a picture of a wedding (one of the most common uses for the platform) and the cake catches your eye. Highlight it, put it through the search and Pinterest will sift through all the billions of pins across the site to find similar ones, all likely annotated with information about the bakery and whatever else.

As far as I can tell, the system works extremely well, helped immensely by the almost militant tagging and annotation that Pinterest users are partial to. It also doesn't seem to be fitting to any specific purpose, it's versatile, much like the platform itself. This addition comes hot on the heels of news that Pinterest have also upgraded their mobile app. The profile grid changes actively as you pin and follow new accounts, whereas before it was static, and it encourages regular profile revisits to check for added content and general updates.

This is the key division between Pinterest and other platforms, it's a tool. It doesn't center itself around deft scrolling through dumps of links, photos and status updates, everything is organised with an eye towards the practical. You don't go onto Pinterest to kill time, you go on there because you want something specific, and it's gratifying to see the minds behind it demonstrating an understanding of that appeal.

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