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One Barber's Amazing Customer Service Goes Viral

34-yr old Denine Davies had struggled to get her son's hair cut due to his autism diagnosis a few months ago. Little Mason found the experience traumatic due to the sensory overload he experiences in the barber's chair. The child hadn't had his hair cut properly for years due to a bad experience when he was 18 months old; having heard James Williams of Jim The Trim, Port Talbot was good with children, his mother took him along in a last-ditch attempt to tidy up his scruffy mop.

Denine and James visited the barber's several times with no luck in tidying up the youngster's hair - Mason would often run away and wouldn't let James anywhere near his ears. However, during the many attempts, James and Mason built up a relationship and eventually the barber was able to get the job done. Last Tuesday, when Mason was lying on the floor calmly playing with his mother's iPhone, James seized the opportune moment.

The photos of James and Mason on the floor together have amassed over 25,000 likes and more than 5,000 shares on Facebook. Since the event James has done TV and radio interviews, and spoken with many ASD charities.

Mason's mother had this to say:

 "I can't believe what James did - more barbers would be eager to get on to their next customer as they would be losing money but he didn't mind at all and dedicated all his attention to helping Mason. People don't realise how difficult it can be for a child with ASD and how much it means to parents like me and Jamie... when James did this it meant the world". 

After achieving the cut, James asked for a high five from Mason. To his surprise, he received a hug. 

In our often compassion-less world it is refreshing to see a story like this shared on social media for the world to enjoy and give gratitude to the do-gooder involved. Internationally people have been sending their messages of appreciation for the barber's good deed, including high profile celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Michael Sheen. I'm sure the popularity of this salon has increased ten fold - a worthy reward for making one family's life a little bit easier.

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