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Heyo Cart - Turn Comments Into Sales With New Facebook Tool

Facebook has become a massive source of income for many, making buying and selling easier than ever. And now it has become even better. Heyo Cart allows authors and experts to post a sales ad, and all people need to do is comment 'Buy'. The tool is being used as a place for authors of books online, possibily in competition with Amazon's eBooks.

The tool has been put to the test, using a book written and sold by Sue Zimmerman, an Instagram sensation. She shows people how powerful Instagram can be and is the author of number one eBook Instagram Basics For Your Business. She used both Amazon and Heyo Cart to sell her product and over 10 days she made over 6 times as much on Heyo Cart as she did on Amazon. The study showed that it is easier for people to purchase using Cart as all they need to do is comment. There is no need for redirection to another link, you can buy it there and then. The CEO of Heyo Cart said 'With Heyo Cart the traditional sales funnel is eliminated', meaning that the process does not go through all the usual stages of viewing, clicking then buying. You just see it and buy it.

Once the fans have commented with interest of buying, Cart then handles the actual sale for you. It collects the money at the end of every day and deposits it into your bank account but it will take a few days to actually appear. As usual. And people are impressed. A couple of testimonials prove that Cart has changed their way of selling. It is easy and efficient. By posting directly to your news feed you are more likely to up your sales. And if you consider the price, well, you could really boost your sales. A study shows that the average for an eBook is about $9, so that could a be a great starting point but feel free to up or down that average according to you.

It does not cost a penny to use, and it never will. No sign up fee, no hidden fees and it works wonders. For those of you who have found that selling through your website has been a little slow or people haven't noticed you, give Heyo Cart a go. Everyone is on social media and it is such a simple way of selling your eBooks. Sign up at HeyoCart.com and let it do all the work for you.

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