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Experience The #Halloween Inspired 360 Degree #Videos With #Target

Target have taken advantage of the 360 degree feature for videos to create a new Halloween experience. Originally you could view the introductory video where you and other children are trick or treating and you come across what looks like a haunted house. Before you know it, a raven has swooped down a stolen the phone with which you were taking a picture. The confusion laid here as a skeleton arm pointed towards the 'i' in the top right of the YouTube video, leading the viewers not to understand what it wanted us to do. It was trying to lead us to the next stage of the video and go into the house where we could move the video round looking for the raven

Target soon realised that there was an issue and recreated their introductory video, using what would have been the first scene inside the house. You can see a table with skeletons sitting at it with plates of eyeballs.

Having tested it myself, it is quite a cool experience. I mean, I do love Halloween so that probably helps. But the whole concept of 360 degree video is still quite new and people have responded really well to Target's decision to not only create one but multiple videos of the sort. You can find yourself in The Ghoulish Graveyard wondering what is going to pop out from behind the tombstones, or maybe you'll come across some scary looking Mexicans in a living room. The videos are certainly good fun and you can evenshop for the items in the room. If you go to that same 'i' mentioned earlier, at the top of the screen, you will be redirected to target.com where you can purchase some of the items you saw in the videos. Unfortunately for some, no eyeballs are listed.

Target have also launched a platform called Treatster where you can find out where the best houses for trick or treating are near you on the day. They have said that they will launch it every year in time for the 31st. Target certainly have upped their digital marketing this year, combining many of YouTube's newest features and doing a great job of it. The 360 degree videos have mostly had great reactios people praising them and others, well, I'll let you see... Have a Spooky Halloween everyone!

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