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Shaun Ross' #InMySkinIWin Hashtag Campaign Spreads Important Message

In a world where people constantly strive to make themselves and their lives seem as interesting and 'beautiful' as possible, purely with the aim of gaining some attention on social media, one model has taken it upon himself  to challenge the standard.

Shaun Ross, an albino male model who has worked for years within the industry, appearing in videos alongside the likes of Beyoncé and Katy Perry, has launched the #InMySkinIWin campaign to raise awareness about skin conditions. Making the statement that you don't have to live up to the modern standards of beauty paraded in front of us by magazines and online publications in order to look and feel good, Shaun's campaign is gaining some fast recognition.

The campaign started when the mother of a young albino girl contacted Shaun, hoping that he could provide some support and advice. Shaun took it one step further than she could have hoped, however, and the hashtag campaign began. Originally focused on albinism, it has now grown to incorporate other skin conditions such as vitiligo.

The aim is to tackle more than just beauty standards, extending its reach to speak out against acts of persecution, particularly in Africa. BuzzFeed reports that in parts of Tanzania, albinos are believed to somehow possess 'magical' or 'shamanistic' powers, and as such are subjected to heinous acts of violence before their body parts are sold as good luck charms. If there was ever an issue worth shouting about, I think this is it.

The campaign has resonated with many of those affected. We have included screenshots of a couple of examples below:

Instagram: @leonie_timothy / @souffrantnyc
There has been a wave of these kind of movements springing up lately, seemingly in response to online trends such as body-shaming. It helps to restore a little bit of faith in humanity after reading through endless accounts of vicious bullying against those seen as anything other than 'ideal'.

Sam Bonson

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