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Interview with Frédérique Grigolato - CEO of Clic and Walk

As you may or may not remember, a while back I did a hands-on review of an app called Clic and Walk, an app which enables people to earn money by visiting stores and answering questions about customer service and general quality, as well as taking pictures. It's a neat idea, and the app does its job well, but now there's been an interesting new development.

The people behind the app have already partnered with one charity, the French food donation group Restos du Cœur, and now they've extended that to the UK by partnering with the Trussell Trust. The Trussell Trust are a food bank group, and as such they have their work cut out for them at the moment to say the absolute least. Clic and Walk users now donate a fraction of their earnings to the Trussell Trust, depending on how much they got for the mission in question, with the option to donate it all to them if they're so inclined.

It's an excellent, laudable partnership which will hopefully lend a great deal of help to one of the most important charities currently active in the UK. To find out more about this, we got in touch with the CEO of Clic and Walk, Frédérique Grigolato.


What was the initial inspiration behind Clic and Walk?

I worked in the retail industry for 20 years, and as a decision-maker, I always lacked detailed information about our points of sale, our shelf execution as well as our point of sale displays. Those precious insights were really hard to get, and it wasn’t possible to collect that data in real time in a cost-effective manner. It was that observation that led me to the idea of Clic and Walk, gathering offline data in the real world, in real time. It is also important to note down that all the data we collect is confidential and anonymous, and that the private data of our users – the ClicWalkers – are never sold or send to a third party.

What made you decide to partner up with the Trussell Trust?

At Clic and Walk we strongly believe that helping people in need is a duty for every company. We are excited to start our partnership with The Trussell Trust, the largest foodbank network in the UK. It is a brand new and innovative way of donating to a charity; quick, easy and completely free of engagement, available to all ClicWalkers and within everyone's means...

Furthermore, the people at The Trussell Trust were immediately interested and excited about this brand new way of donating to a charity, making them the logical partner for us in the UK.

How does this partnership compare to the one you have with the French food donation charity, Restos du Cœur?

It is a similar kind of partnership. The Restos du Coeur is one of France’s biggest and most well-known charity that provides hot meals to people in need all-year long. In both the UK and France, our ClicWalkers have the possibility to donate a part of their earnings directly to the charity when they request their payments, and Clic and Walk donates an extra £0.50 (€1 in France) when a mission worth £6 is validated. Last year, the ClicWalkers donated €13,000 to the Restos du Coeur, and we hope to have the same success in the UK!

Do you intend to form partnerships will other groups elsewhere in Europe?

Yes, we would like to form partnerships with local or international charities in every country where the app is available, so that each one of our ClicWalkers in the whole Europe may be able to donate if he or she wishes to, to a charity that matters to them.


Why did you specifically opt to partner with food donation charities?

Nowadays, even in rich countries such as France and The UK, thousands of people are still suffering from hunger. A small donation is enough to feed one person for a whole day. For the Restos du Coeur, €1 equals 1 hot meal; Hunger is a major concern in our society. With the app, it has become very easy to donate for a great cause: when you request your payment you choose how much you wish to donate, and your money goes directly to the charity.

Are there any upcoming plans to expand Clic and Walk into other national markets?

Clic and Walk is already the European leader of the collect of offline data in real life, the app being available in France, The UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.  We are considering opening new markets very soon, especially in Eastern and Northern Europe.

What kind of role do you think apps and app-based communication have in charity? 

Nowadays, smartphones are a part of our everyday life. Millions of people use them on a daily basis, and we check our phones several times a day. Smartphones are very personal devices, and it is much easier to reach people via their smartphones and their apps than via traditional websites. Thus, donating directly via an app allows more people to be aware of that possibility: the quicker and easier it is to donate, the more people will donate. You don’t have to log in to a website and follow a process to donate; you just have to launch an app, click on a button and you have donated to a charity.

Furthermore, Clic and Walk is the perfect example of that simplicity: our ClicWalkers receive on a regular basis missions to complete at home about their daily lives. They open the app, answer a few questions, take some pictures and they get paid! Then, they can choose to donate to The Trussell Trust when they request their payment. All the process is very easy and quick to complete.

As an app creator, it is our duty to use the most creative communication tools for great causes, such as donations to charities, and making people aware of problems such as hunger in our societies.

You can download Clic and Walk for android here and for iOS here

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