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App Review - Rugby World Cup 2015

It can be difficult to comprehensively keep up with big sporting events like the rugby world cup. Between keeping track of the fixtures, the standings, broadcast schedules, ticketing and just general news, you end up having so many websites bookmarked that your browser looks like an overused exam copy of Wuthering Heights. Most major sporting outfits now offer apps to account for this and the RWC is no exception.

They had a few mobile-based tools for the 2011 tournament but this time around they've released a full, comprehensive app which amalgamates pretty much everything you might need into one platform. The app features a news feed (with the option to browse written, video and photo updates), a schedule, group and total standings, a way to follow your own team, trivia, a quiz game and a way to manage your 'Dream Team' fantasy machinations (although that has a separate app). It's a fairly comprehensive, easy to navigate service.


If you're watching the game, there's no real benefit to having the app active, but if you aren't, the scores are updated in real time and the news feed will keep you supplied with game photos and highlight clips as they become available. Since many of the games are being played during work hours on weekdays, this will likely be really helpful, as well as a rife source of office distractions.

What it doesn't have, in any capacity, is offline content, which might be a complete deal-breaker for some. The streaming quality is also a bit lacking, even with good network coverage, which is a pretty huge oversight considering that most people will be turning to it for highlights of games that they've missed out on. This is the most glaring oversight, but all the other features work exactly as they should, with the score updating running at breakneck speed during games. Depending on how closely you want to keep tabs on it all, you can set push notifications, in-app notifications, or none at all.

There are, of course, a litany of other unofficial apps which offer various other services, ITV have their own one, since they snagged the broadcasting rights, there's one which helps you understand the rules, and more comprehensive, in-depth apps aimed at people more au fait with the sport like Ultimate Rugby 15 and Rugby Nations 15. The official app is limited, and flawed, but as a score and news tracker it does its job to a satisfactory standard. Options to learn more about different teams and the general rules of the game wouldn't have gone amiss, since it seems to be aimed at a more casual fan-base, but it's comprehensive and well organised enough that it will likely keep most people happy.

The Rugby World Cup apps receives a Songbird Rating of 3 stars out of 5.

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