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Under 30 - Forbes and Tinder's App for Young Entrepreneurs

I know what you're thinking - Tinder? Forbes? What fresh hell is this? What kind of bizarre concoction have these two disparate companies created? Well, it's something that combines Forbes' broad, almost legendary business appeal and Tinder's young adult demographic. 'Under 30' is an app specifically aimed at young entrepreneurs to help them network with each other. You know those weird kids on The Young Apprentice who look like they were born with a quarterly profits spreadsheet in their mouths? Just slap some uneven stubble on them and you're there.

But hang on a minute, it's not open to all young entrepreneurs, that would be too easy. The app is only being made available for 2,000 of them, specifically the ones that have been listed in the Forbes '30 Under 30' lists as 'game changers'. Otherwise any yahoo could get ahold of it and start networking, at which point society would almost certainly collapse like a Jenga set in an earthquake.

From what the developers have said, it will basically be a condensed social network a-la LinkedIn with a news feed, messaging service and a posting hub for upcoming opportunities. Tinder's contribution seems to be the functionality and general server-power. So far as I can tell there isn't any kind of secret additional service to help these people hook up with each other, but I could be wrong. I kind of hope I'm wrong.

There will be some original content going up, but it's hard to imagine exactly what that will be, at a rough guess I would say it will probably be insider tips and interviews, nothing that anyone else would be particularly interested in.

It seems pretty reductive that Forbes would want to create an insular network which only a small subset of already-successful entrepreneurs can access, since it can't have been all that difficult for them to contact each other already and surely the best way to spread the success out beyond is for them to work with people who actually need financial and intellectual support. But hey, I'm not a 'game changer', so what do I know?

Callum Davies

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