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Jason Manford Embarks Upon 'Facebook Fast' for Charity

These days people keep thinking up more and more unusual methods of raising money for charity, with viral efforts such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continuing to pop up all the time. The latest technique? Doing... nothing?

That is, after all, effectively what British comedian Jason Manford is doing here. The self-confessed social media addict has decided to swear off all forms of social media for a month in a challenge he is calling a 'Facebook Fast', although in this case it applies more generally to all social networks.

On his JustGiving page, Jason details his moment of realisation:
"I realised recently whilst I was paying £15 for wifi in a hotel to update my Facebook to complain about the price of wifi in a hotel, that somehow I had a problem." before continuing on to say, "I went to the toilet without my phone and it was the longest 4 minutes of my life; I had to read the back of the Demestos bottle! Then I thought hang on, I sometimes spend half an hour on here, when the actual act of pooping takes less than 5 minutes! I'm sat in a room almost in my own sh** for longer than is necessary, simply to see what racist sh** Donald Trump has tweeted or to read if Piers Morgan has sent a message to Jeremy Clarkson! That's when I knew I was an addict."

Joking aside however, any effort to raise money for a worthy charity should be commended. This time around Manford has chosen to support The Children's Adventure Farm Trust, an organisation set up to provide disadvantaged, disabled and terminally ill children with days out and short residential trips. Manford's initial target was £10,000, but he has smashed those goals with ease. Only 2 days into the fast he has already reached over £13,000! By the time donations close, I'd expect the grand total to reach a surprisingly high figure.

To further motivate himself during his month-long absence, Manford has pledged to donate up to £10,000 himself should he fail:
"I guess there needs to be a risk factor for me, and it's this. If I at any point check, read or post on social media during this time, I will sign a cheque for the same amount of money as you have raised (unto a maximum of £10k, I have 5 kids for god sake and 4 of them are daughters who've seen too many disney weddings!)."

If you wish to make a donation in support of Manford and The Children's Adventure Farm Trust, follow the link to his JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/JManford

Sam Bonson

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