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Pride, Pooches and Patriotism - 4th of July on Social Media

Living outside the US, I still find it somewhat difficult to grasp the sheer enormity of the 4th of July. What has made the translation a little easier has been the way events are now transmitted on social media. In the case of July 4th, aside from the expected videos of fireworks displays and people flying the stars and stripes, all sorts of other weird and wonderful trends took off this year.

As is to be expected, all the celebrities turned out in force to exemplify their patriotism, mostly by wearing American flag themed attire. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were the main culprits of this, predictably/depressingly. Elsewhere, Taylor Swift made a pretty huge deal about the stars and stripes cake she was making with her friends, detailing every step of the process on Instagram. It was Caitlyn Jenner though who posted the most poignant message, sharing the flag on Instagram and celebrating the fact she was 'free to be me'.
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Not everyone is quite as good at celebrating the holiday as famous people are (or appear to be), though. The beautiful thing about the internet is that all the embarrassing, hilarious mistakes people make can be so easily broadcast. Fox 31 Denver put together a magnificent Pinterest board depicting all the best holiday fails, from botched attempts to write 'USA' in sparkler trails to culinary efforts that might have been intended to come out red, white and blue, but ended up looking like some sort of septic discharge.

Amusingly, some people from other parts of the world were far more successful with their content, it just wasn't overly celebratory. Across Facebook and Twitter, thousands of British users shared an amusing image of the union jack with 'Happy Treason Day' written across it. It's unlikely anyone was particularly hacked off about that, but Al-Jazeera's offering reportedly made a lot of people pretty unhappy.

The news company's digital media platform AJ+ released a video entitled  “Americans Show Why USA Is The #1 Country In The World” which set about mocking US culture in every form shape and guise. It was clearly in jest, but it's still pretty on the nose, as it touches on obesity, gun violence, teen pregnancy and racism. Clearly a lot of people didn't find it overly funny, the network are facing two separate lawsuits now.

Moving on from figurative fireworks to real ones, every year numerous pets (mostly dogs) are lost in the wake of the celebration as they are frightened by fireworks. This year a sizable Facebook and Twitter initiative has been set up to help find them. Numerous localised Twitter and Facebook accounts have been set up in aid of the issue.

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