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Masterchef Australia Ruin Finals with Premature Tweet

Channel 10
Is it OK to find this funny? Probably not if you were one of the PR people running around the Masterchef Australia production office like your head was on fire, trying to figure out who screwed up. For the rest of us though, cruel as it might be, it's pretty amusing. Hours before the last master-class of the season (which would reveal the final 3 contestants at the end) a photo of the ones who had made it through was posted on the show's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

To make matters worse, the breakaway fan favourite, Reynold Poernomo, did not appear in the photo. His elimination from the program was bound to rankle fans anyway, but to have it served up so prematurely must have seemed less like salt in the wound and more like some heady mixture of sulphuric acid and angry bullet ants. That's not all though. In an attempt to make the problem go away, Masterchef started posting images of Ryan with text suggesting that he was still in the competition. Fans were less than impressed.

The image that ruined everything (via smh.com)
The show-runners have since apologised profusely for the grievous error, but many fans stated that, with the damage done, they simply would not tune in. The show regularly enjoys viewing figures either pushing or edging past 1,000,000 for each individual episode, but it would be fair to expect a noticeable drop-off when the stats for this one turn up online.

Just to add further irony to this face-palm orchestra, Channel 10 (the ones who broadcast the show) had just signed a non-disclosure agreement which threatened to fine anyone who leaked information relating to the then upcoming episode on social media for up to $150,000. I think it's fair to suggest that they didn't bother applying that rule to their own company. Someone might very well have gotten fired though, especially since the official apology defined the mistake as 'human error'.

This kind of thing has happened in the past but it's hard to recall another time when it stirred up such a perfect storm. This one little mistake basically invalidated the remainder of the series, likely a stern reminder to many about just how vital proper social media management is.

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