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Instagram Up Their Image Quality to 1080p

Instagram has always been primarily intended for use on mobile devices, so it's never really needed to jack up its image quality in any drastic way. That being said, their previous max resolution of 640x640 was a tad tragic, especially since it's been in place since 2010. With the screens on smartphones rapidly increasing in fidelity and size though, they've obviously decided it's time for a facelift.

The change is being rolled out publicly, very slowly, but The Verge did some sleuthing in the Instagram source code and found that new images were being saved at 1080p, even if they aren't being displayed as such. Instagram's position as a legitimate platform for photography has always been a bit dubious and this won't do much to change that, but it will probably make the app more attractive for some hobbyists with more of an eye for detail.

Even hidden as they are, if you open the page source on a browser like Chrome or Firefox, all you need to do is search for '.jpg', highlight the image code and paste it into the URL bar. Make sure you pick something pretty though, not a lot of benefit to looking at a picture of a mozzarella panini in higher quality. Also it needs to be a relatively recent image. Here are some examples (taken from renowned Instagram photographer Dan Cole):



The changes to hi-res viewing are going to remain reserved for mobile platforms for the foreseeable future, since Instagram aren't particularly interested in browser shenanigans, but this little trick handily sidesteps that issue. The up-scale will be easier to see on tablets than on phones, but it's pretty astounding just how much image quality you can cram into such a tiny screen. Here's a protip: keep an eye on the #1080p tag as the change continues to roll out, you might see some pretty stunning pictures as people start taking advantage of the upgrade.

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