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Twizoo App Going Stateside

Twizoo founder Madeline Parra (via techworld.com)
How do you create a successful bar/restaurant recommendation app, amidst the scores of others on the market? You get Twitter involved. Twizoo has been around for a while now and while it's not as widely used as it could be, it's still a huge success story. In less than a year it's moved from a tiny London start-up to a citywide sensation, attracting thousands of users including none other than Stephen Fry.

What the app does it to mine Twitter data to pull ratings and other useful customer information about restaurants and bars across London to help people figure out the best place to go. The brilliance of it is that once open, the app highlights the places that all the good tweets are pouring into (as well as the bad ones) and directs you accordingly. This creates a kind of real-time spontaneity that many new apps are currently striving towards. What's even better is that once you've locked in a list of good places, they will be ranked by price and the app will direct you to them by map. 


Now the app is finally expanding out of London and into San Francisco, with plans to make it available in New York, Washington DC and Chicago. It's an interesting role reversal seeing a start-up developed in London expand its influence to California, being that it's home to all the largest tech giants and thousands of other start-ups and founder Madeline Parra has made incredible progress in such a short space of time with only a single £250,000 initial venture capitalist investment (they have a lot more now) and a skeleton crew. She also faced some adversity when seeking out investments a lot of the VCs assumed she was the head of marketing, rather than the CEO, because she is a woman. Feel free to carry on snarling until it's out of your system.

Along with the leap across the pond, the app has also introduced a whole new feature, known as 'community'. This new area of the app allows users to see the top rated tweets from food & drink enthusiasts, who in turn can access any tweets which ended up on Twizoo directly through the app. This whole area is curated according to location/preference information and algorithms, so the space is unique to each user. The way this information is organised means that you don't have to be any kind of prolific Twitter user to make sense of it, you don't even need an account.

The expansion to the other planned US cities is supposedly happening later this summer and I would not be at all surprised if the momentum carried on from there. Apps which rewire social media data or formats to have a practical purpose in the outside world are fast becoming the biggest major trend in consumer tech. Twizoo is one of the finest examples currently available.

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