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NFL Team to Receive Social Media Training

The list of athletes who have gone on ill-advised social media rants is almost never-ending, that's the danger with being thrust into the public eye, eventually some of your less-than-savory views might end up bubbling to the service, but to an audience of thousands. Most of us only drunkenly rant to our friends, not half the population of Oklahoma.

Most of the time though, as entertaining as it is for the rest of us, it's the team management who have to clean up after whichever valued player happens to have rolled in drunk at 1am, logged into Twitter and picked a fight with Mike Tyson. In a move which might well influence copycat tactics, the brass behind the St. Louis Rams NFL team have decided to give their players social media training as part of their off-season regime.

The entire team will undergo a 60-minute training seminar entitled 'Don't Be That Guy'. The training presumably extends to keeping tabs on all the players to make sure they actually take the information on board. It's far from a top priority for the rising team, but the amount of credibility damage any player could do with one errant tweet is definitely worth accounting for. Social media is just one more aspect of player life that becomes more complicated due to the amount of public scrutiny they receive, whether they like it or not. 

The Rams aren't the only NFL team to try and close the lid on this kind of thing. Last week the New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles explicitly warned his team to "lay off the social media smack talk". This was almost definitely a direct response to a Twitter battle that broke out between two Jets players (Antonio Cromartie and Kellen Winslow Jr) recently. The argument, relating to the way Cromartie had behaved during a training session, raged on for days and got bitterly personal.

This kind of smack talk has always gone on between athletes both in and outside of their teams but the advent of Twitter has meant that these arguments are more public than they have ever been. Great for fans in search of juicy watercooler talk, ulcer-inducing for management and PR departments. It wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that social media training could become a standard factor in team management, not just in the NFL but across all team sports. A more streamlined way of doing it might be to just point to Joey Barton's Twitter feed and say 'don't do that'.

Callum Davies

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