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Facebook Asks You to Pick Your Best Friends With 'See First' Update

As part of their ongoing attempt to make your news feed more relevant, Facebook are rolling out yet another update designed to help you better tailor the content presented to you.

In a move reminiscent of the old days on MySpace and Bebo, Facebook will be implementing a form of 'Top Friends' function, although this iteration will use the name 'See First'. This will allow you to manually select a small group of friends whose posts you would like to prioritise, thus making them appear higher and more frequently on your news feed.

Fortunately, the social media giant has decided not to display your selection to other users, which back on MySpace and Bebo led to a lot of misplaced competitiveness among your friends, as well as leaving those left out of your pick feeling a little dejected. It all seemed a bit messed up to me.

Instead, Facebook's version will be completely confidential, a hidden function solely aimed at improving user experience rather than evaluating the strength of friendships.

The new feature is currently available only to a select 'test' group, as has become common practice in the industry, in order to gauge user opinion and filter out any bugs before mass release. I must admit to being highly sceptical when I first heard that another form of friend ranking system was being released, although this new take on the idea could actually prove to be useful.

Sam Bonson

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