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Blatter Sepps Down


Let the competitive and lucrative bids begin for right to host FIFA’s president, Sepp Blatter’s leaving party! Amidst FBI’s corruption probe, Sepp Blatter has announced he will be resigning after 17 years in the powerful position of the world’s top football job.

Last week on Wednesday, 14 FIFA officials were arrested by Swiss authorities with corruption charges and opened criminal proceedings over awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Federal agents are hoping those men will help them build a case against Sepp Blatter.

Hastily, Blatter arranged a new conference at FIFA HQ to say he will step down after his successor is elected in December this year - or maybe March in 2016 – whenever he gets tired of receiving bribes, I mean, suitcase’s filled with thousands of dollars and expensive paintings from potential successors. Hey, laundering money is hard job you know?

FIFA’s unparalleled scandal has well publicised and if you need a catch up on what has been happening then I strongly suggest you watch hilarious John Oliver’s segment.

Or see ‘exhausted’ John Warner, ex FIFA vice-president who has now been placed on Interpol’s most wanted list, defending himself by citing spoof article, The Onion.

And as you can imagine the Twittersphere's reaction to Sepp Blatter’s “resignation” was a sad somber one.

And for those who've seen John Oliver’s segment

It’s time to place your bets on who will win the chance to host Blatter’s leaving do and who will be Blatter’s successor? I’m betting Qatar will win and maybe this mysterious guy as Blatter’s successor.

I wonder how many people will die due to forced labour in preparation for Sepp Blatter’s leaving party? If the world cup for 2022 is currently running at 1,500 deaths, then I don’t think Blatter will attend unless the death toll has been topped by triple the amount.

Also FIFA Football fans rest assured that Blatter’s leaving party will include “women in tight shorts’ and ‘a lack of extradition treaty with USA”.

Jessica Smith 

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